Climate Guard

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€ 225

Climate Guard probe is designed for city dwellers.

Climate Guard allows you to assess the quality of the indoor microclimate and create comfortable, healthy and safe living conditions for you and your loved ones.

1 %
of office space

is subjected to poor state of microclimate  

1 %
less sick days

are taken by employees working in office premises with a good microclimate condition  

1 %
of office workers

believe that they do not receive adequate sleep quality


life duration can be reduced due to the “noise pollution” of the environment

1 %
higher chance

of workers’ SBS (sick building syndrome) in offices with high concentrations of CO2  

times higher

thrombosis risk is induced by significant fluctuations in the intensity of the surrounding magnetic field

Climate Guard capabilities

All-in-one assessment

9 main parameters of microclimate monitoring


Pocket size and works 24 hours autonomously


Visual indication of climate quality, intuitive interface

Profile support

Climate monitoring profiles for various activities


Climate change notifications, recommendations, history

Cloud solution

Data access from different devices, web-interface and api

9 key parameters of climate assessment


Air temperature in the room (ºС)


Relative air humidity (%)

Carbon dioxid

Air concentration of carbon dioxid (mg / m³)


Air concentration of volatile organic compounds (mg / m³)

Dust particles

Air concentration of fine dust particles (mg / m³)


Vibration of the device assembly surface (m / s²)

Noise pollution

Sound vibrations of different spectral structure (dB)

Magnetic radiation

Magnetic field intensity (µT)


Quality and brightness of lighting (lux), pulsation of light (%)

Compact and autonomous

Fits in your hand

Device size is less than 1 dm³


Climate Guard weighs only 250 grams

Works without charge

Built-in accumulator ensures the operation of the Climate Guard without being connected to an external power source

100 m3 volume monitoring

Able to assess the climate in rooms up to 100 m3. For the monitoring of large Climate Guard clusters provide coverage by larger volumes.

Autonomy over 24 hours

Energy-efficient components allow the device to work fully autonomously for more than a day

USB charging

Climate Guard can be charged from any USB or portable battery

Ease of use

Separate indication of climate parameters

Each measured climate parameter corresponds to one element in the interface

Color scale

Exceeding comfort (allowed) environment parameters are displayed in color in the corresponding interface element

Display of absolute values

​​Absolute values of the current climate parameter is available in mobile and web interface

Control panel on the device

Control panel and display of data on the current climate state right on the body of device allows to use Climate Guard without a mobile assistant just as a simple household appliance

Plug and play

The device is safe and secure and requires no adjustments or calibrations, it works silently



Optimal climate conditions for household


Conditions for a healthy sleep


Ensuring maximum efficiency and concentration when working with documents or behind the monitor

Meetings and public places

Optimum environment for meeting room, reception

User profile

Personal optimal and allowed climate parameters are set by the user

Personal climate

Climate parameters are selected based on an analysis of user ratings

Climate data

Information about current environment settings

Values ​​of various environmental factors and the overall integral assessment of current climate healt

Climate comfort assessment

Data on comfort and climate health based on the selected profile

Climate сhange notifications

Notification of the user about hitting comfort borders by climate parameters

Climate Health Tips

Tips and recommendations for improving the climate for optimal parameters recovery

Climate change history

Historical data on climate change during the day, week, month, custom time interval


Cloud storage

Provides the safety of information, guarantees access to data worldwide

Mobile application

Displays climate quality data, allows you to control the device, displays tips and notifications

WEB interface

Duplicates the functionality of the mobile client, provides API access


Upon request, allows you to receive information about the climate from the device in the format of data sets

Integration and climate control

Climate information can be used to automate the monitoring and control of indoor climate

Competitors comparison

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The cost of the device: € 225

Delivery time: 2 month

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