Portable personal DIY dosimeter

In an ever-changing world, a dosimeter is not only a way to satisfy curiosity and catch at least a few Sieverts, but also a way to detect very real threats: from checking the “intteresting old thing” from the grandfather’s garage, to tracking the radioactive background in the areas where nuclear power plants are located, from ensuring safety when going into abandoned places to monitoring global and local man-made disasters.

Автономный дозиметр своими рукми

DIY dosimeter for the youngest engineers

The purpose of the article is to create the most detailed assembly instructions how to make your first do-it-yourself radiation detector

Бюджетный дозиметр своими руками

IoT Anemometer by ClimateGuard

Development of the CG-Anemometr – IoT device that could measure the air flow rate inside a ventilation pipe.