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Energy-efficient development board

CG_low_power is a universal development board with low power consumption based on the ESP32–S2 controller. The board is designed to be used as the main controller for autonomous weather stations.

The device supports the use of unprotected 1S (3.7V) lithium-ion batteries as the main power source. The built-in charge controller allows you to charge batteries from 5V solar panels or from a 5V mains supply.

To improve energy efficiency indicators, it is possible to turn off the supply voltage of all peripheral devices.

A bistable electromechanical relay is installed to control external actuators.

A microSD memory card slot is installed on the board.

  • Microcontroller: ESP32-S2
  • Built-in protection for Li-ion 1S batteries
  • Maximum relay switching voltage (DC/AC): 220/250 V
  • Maximum relay switching current: 3 A
  • Field-effect transistor for power management of connected devices
  • Connectors for connection:
    • Up to 2 I2C devices
    • Up to the 1st UART device
    • Solar Panel
    • Battery
  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Power consumption in deep sleep mode: 80 mA
  • Maximum power consumption: 350 mA
  • Module Dimensions: 78.5mm x 46mm x 13.5mm
  • Module weight no more than: 12 g
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C