CG Board Mini

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Development board for sensor projects

CG-mini is a universal development board designed to connect up to 8 digital and analog sensors, as well as to control actuators.

A PIC32 microcontroller with wireless WiFi/Bluetooth interfaces for data transmission is installed on board.

The increased reliability of the system is provided by an external watchdog timer.

  • Main controller – ESP32-WROOM
  • Two controllable address LEDs – WS1812B
  • Pre-installed DC-DC converter
  • Logic output for load switching (up to 0.5 A)
  • Fan output with PWM capability and interference suppression
  • JST 2.54 connectors for connecting peripherals
  • Connection support:
    • Up to 3 I2C devices
    • Up to 2 UART devices
    • Up to the 1st analog device
    • Up to the 1st OneWire device
    • Up to the 1st SPI device
    • Up to the 1st relay or piezo emitter
  • Protection against reverse polarity of the input voltage
  • 3 power options: USB type-C, DC barrel, terminal blocks
  • Supply voltage
    • Type-C: 5 V
    • DC Barrel: 9 – 23 V
    • Terminal blocks: 9 – 23 V