Образовательный дозиметр

The world’s first educational kit based on a dosimeter

As a part of the development of civil environmental monitoring and education in the field of electronics, we have developed a kit based on the RadSens module with a Geiger-Miller tube. The main goal was to provide comfort and different levels of complexity during assembly, so that even the youngest radio amateurs can do without the help of adults.

Ready to assemble out of the box

We have collected everything you need to assemble. You just have to read the instructions, blow off the dust from the soldering iron and start assembling!

As a part of creating a device, you will learn:

  • The history of dosimetry

  • General concepts of electrical circuits

  • Methods of soldering electronic components of various complexity

  • Design of microcontrollers and how to program them

  • Capabilities for monitoring and research of environmental parameters

Образовательный набор "Дозиметр"

Together towards the knowledge!

If you would like to buy a batch of kits for your organization, contact us. We guarantee full technical support at all stages of the life cycle.
You can purchase kit for personal use at Tindie.

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